Discovering Mallorca through a Road Holiday

Mallorca, also referred to as Majorca, has a lot to offer to any tourists especially family holidaymakers. In fact, it's a primary beach destination for those going to Europe! With the beaches and resorts available in the area, you can discover even more interesting sights and sounds as you explore its roads. Just make sure that you got your Mallorca maps from the knowledgeable location experts.

From Palma de Mallorca, you can visit interesting places in the island and your family can enjoy scenic drives wherever you're heading. Travelling northeast will take you to a variety of attractions including a boulevard of palm trees in Manacor and a castle on a hill. Westward will let you indulge on the magnificent coastal and mountain views that the area can offer. You can also drive through the central plain to discover old Roman roads, modern sculptures, windmills, estates and churches.

There are car hire companies offering affordable rates in Mallorca. So if bringing your vehicle to this island destination is not feasible, you can have peace of mind when leaving it in car parks, like the following:

Mallorca offers stunning natural beauty and thus, if you're a nature lover, you'll be delighted to know that camping areas are available on the island. You can either pitch a tent or park your motorhome to be closer with nature.

You can explore these resources for trailer and caravan options:

As you can see, Mallorca has a lot to offer. And being a popular beach destination in Europe, sailing on your boat from BL Marine boat sales can be a wonderful activity around the island too.

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