Majorca Weather and Climate

Majorca Weather and Climate
Majorca Weather and Climate

With approximately 300 days of sunshine each year the summer months on Majorca are, as you'd expect, dry and hot.

Temperatures reach the mid 30's in July and August whilst at either end of the peak months they fall to a more manageable 22-24 degrees.

Weather data for Majorca
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average high °C 13 14 16 17 20 26 28 29 27 21 17 15
Average low °C 10 12 15 16 19 21 25 26 24 19 14 10
Average high °F 55 57 61 63 68 79 82 84 81 70 63 59
Average low °F 50 54 59 61 66 70 77 79 75 66 57 50

Summer gets underway in May when the temperatures start to climb and the beach days officially end in October...however anyone visiting after that will agree there's still plenty of opportunity for sunbathing!

Sea temperatures are at their best from August onwards when it warms up enough to pass the 'big toe' test. October is a lovely time of the year as sea temperatures are much warmer than in May when walking into the sea can bring a bit of a shock!

Winter weather is dependent on where you may be visiting. In the Tramontana mountains many of the villages experience snow flurries in the winter months and occasionally Valdermossa, the highest village, gets cut off! But elsewhere on the island 'T-shirt' weather can be enjoyed during the winter days with an average temperature of 17 degrees.

Finally - the question every holidaymaker wants answering; when will it rain? Well the answer isn't to difficult. From May to September the island experiences its lowest rainfall. July and August, unsurprisingly, are the driest months.

October is by far the wettest month but this is generally due to torrential rain falling over a short period.

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