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Valldemossa, Mallorca


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Valldemossa, Spain

Made famous by George Sands and the composer Chopin, Valldemossa is a mountain village built around the Monestry in which they found shelter.

The highest village in Majorca at 425m above sea level, it nestles dramatically in the Tramontana mountain range running along the West coast of the island. Valldemossa is truely picturesque. A wide boulevard lined with shops and upmarket restaurants sweeps down to the warren of narrow cobbled streets that are home to the irregular stone houses. Hidden amongst these you’ll find churches, shrines, ancient communal stone laundries and heart stopping views


There is a small cove some distance away down a very steep incline. It is popular route with walkers, but isn’t somewhere we’d recommend for a day out sunbathing.


Quiet and sophisticated. There are a number of excellent restaurants and occasionally there are cultural events held in the village.

Who Goes There:

Holidaymakers looking for culture and sophistication. Also very popular with walkers in the cooler months, as there's easy accessibility to many routes from the village.


Private rentals and a couple of upmarket and boutique hotels with the odd B & B.

What to do:

  • Visit the 14th century Carthusian Monastery which hosted the visit of Chopin and George Sands. The rooms in which they stayed are preserved along with artefacts such as the original manuscript for ‘A Winter in Majorca’, written by Sands, and the piano Chopin used to compose music. Also of interest are the palace rooms, the church and the original pharmacy.
  • Day trips from here can take you easily into Palma and along the dramatic coastline to villages such as Deia.
  • Saturday market at Soller
  • Enjoy a visit to Costa Nord Centre recently opened by Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. Primarily a cultural centre it shows of a side of Majorca many people don’t know. Throughout the year recitals are held so do check with the tourist office to find out what may be on the programme of events during your visit.
  • Shrine dedicated to the Saint of Valldemossa; Saint Catalina
  • Visit the Son Maroig magnificent home of the Arch Duke Louis Salvador and enjoy the walk through the beautiful gardens to the dramatic cliff edge. Often there’s a weekly market held here too, along with classical concerts; check with the tourist office to find out when.



On July 28th the village celebrates the festival of Saint Catalina. The main celebration centres around a colourful parade which includes carts decorated with ribbons and flowers.


Each house in the village has a small plaque at the side of the door dedicated to Saint Catalina.

Use the map below to navigate and see what is in the area.

Valldemossa, Mallorca,