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Center - Valldemossa, Mallorca

Mallorca's patron saint is Santa Catalina who was born in Valldemossa in 1531 and the house in which she was born is now a shrine.

Santa Catalina Thomas was a peasant girl who bascially had 2 conversations with God.

When she was 3 her father died. Some days later an angel appeared to tell her to be joyful as her father was now with God. Then, when she was 7, her mother appeared in her bedroom to announced she was going to die and that she was waiting for Catalina's prayers to enter into the glory of heaven. 3 hours later Catalina was informed her mother was now in heaven.

She went on to join the Augustian order in Palma when she was 21 and lived a frugal life (even watering down her soup so as not to appear greedy) until she died at 43. She was buried in the Chapel of Santa Maria Magdalena in Palma and it is said that her body is in a perfect state, not having de-composed.
Her humility was also well known, she had turned down the position of Mother Superior, and so in 1930 Santa Catalina was canonised.

If you walk to the top of the street in which her shrine is located you will find a statue of her situated in the corner as you turn into the narrow street. Also as you walk around Valldemossa you will notice that each village house has a plaque by the front door that's dedicated to her.


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Calle Rectoria, Valldemossa

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Santa Catalina Shrine (Valldemossa)

Santa Catalina Shrine (Valldemossa), Valldemossa, Mallorca