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Valldemossa has a gem of a monastery (La Cartuja) that will forever be linked to the composer Chopin and the writer George Sands.

For it is here the couple spent their 'winter of discontent' in 1838 whilst trying to escape the cold of Paris.

Their arrival here was not planned, as due to his illness, Chopin had not been welcome at any houses where travellers might stay. So eventually they travelled to Valldemossa where the monastery allowed them to stay.

A visit to this once Royal place is 'must do' not only for Chopin fans.
Entrance will allow you to see a wonderful example of a 17th century monastery including the cloisters, the church, the cells inhabited by the monks (and of course Chopin) and a fine example of the on-site pharmacy which still contains large jars filled with potions and lotions.

There are many artifats relating to Chopin and Sands including the piano on which he composed and extracts of the book 'A Winter in Majorca' written by George Sands. The cell in which they lived has a stunning view across a small formal garden to Palma beyond.

Finally you will enter the Royal residence of King Sancho. Hardly a palace but quite grand for the time, and area, nevertheless.
Filled with antique furniture it gives you a feeling of the indulgent living of the rich compared to the austere existence of the poor struggling to exist in villages such as Valldemossa.

In the summer months there are regular piano recitals throughout the day of Chopins most popular compositions and copies of the book written by Sands can be bought from the small shop. We would definitely recommend it as she has a lovely style of writing and it certainly allows you see Valldemossa through the eyes of an outsider.

This website gives you a virtual tour to whet your appettite.

Psst! The monks who lived here were only allowed to speak for half an hour each week and the only meat they could eat was tortoise!

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Monastery (Valldemossa) Monastery (Valldemossa) Monastery (Valldemossa)

Monastery (Valldemossa), Valldemossa, Mallorca