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South East - Ses Salines, Mallorca

A perfectly unspoiled are surrounds this white sandy beach it is worth the hike from the village of Colònia de Sant Jordi or ses Salines for those that enjoy walking.

Of course if you have access to a private boat then that’s the perfect way to arrive in style!

Uncrowded this-away-from-it-all beach has pristine white sand and azure waters. The coastline is backed by dunes which is the habitat of marine iris, marine thistle, pines and bushes, and many sea birds so there's plenty for the nature lover to enjoy.

Psst! Close to the beach you will find finca (meaning farmhouse) Sa Vall. Here they have an impressive cactus garden which you can visit on Thursdays. From the finca you can also reach the palace of the March family, built next to a 14th century defence tower.

Facilities: none

Anchoring: quite tricky due to the shallow depths and offshore islands so not really recommended

How to get there: best by private boat, or on foot for 2.3 kms from Colonia de Sant Jordi



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2.1 Km 
Colonia Sant Jordi



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Es Carbo, Ses Salines, Mallorca