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North - Santa Margalida, Mallorca

Approximately 12 kms from Can Picafort, this beach is named after the torrent (river) that flows into the sea in this beach.

In 1991 it was declared an area of natural interest for the diversity of flora and fauna so this protected beach is completely natural. The sand is beautifully soft and golden and the sea clear and safe for bathing.

If you love birdlife then this is the beach for you as the two wetlands in the mouth of the torrents attract migratory birds who enjoy the abundance of insect life here. Elsewhere there are archaeological sites to explore too.



Facilities: none.



Anchoring: Excellent. The depth is 4m at 150m from the coast.



How to get there: head for Son Serra de Marina where you can park and walk 200m. Alternatively take the straight road on the left that leads to the beach.



Access: Park and walk. No disabled access



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Son Real, Santa Margalida, Mallorca