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Center - Palma, Mallorca

This bar used to be Palma's best kept secret...a hidden world of decadence exclusively for the well monied.

Exclusivity was guaranteed because finding it was always a problem. Relying on word of mouth directions, you would be guided to a large wooden door in a narrow back street in the heart of the old town. There was no hint of what was beyond. Now, at least, there's a discreet sign that gives away its identity.

Step through the ancient door and you might be mistaken for thinking you've walked straight into Miss Havershams dining room in Great Expectations!
Candlelight from numerous wrought iron candle sticks cast shadows on blood red walls, bowls of fruit cascade decadently across the stone floor and pretentious arrangements of fresh flowers all create a 'filmset' like feel.

Originally a manor house, the rooms are dressed to reflect how they were in its heyday, so wander around and enjoy the history and grandeur. Sadly photos are not allowed and any attempts will be stopped - hence our lack of interior shots.

Abaco is famous for its pricey cocktails, and many would say at apprx 15 euros they're not worth it. But we'll let you into a secret...you can order a simple beer or glass of wine which are more reasonably priced (though the drinks menu doesn't give you that impression of course!).

Lounge in the ostentatious 'parlour', chat at the bar, or enjoy the moonlight in the courtyard garden which is extremely popular in the summer months.

Is it worth a visit? Yes...if only to say you've been there!

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Sant Joan, 1, La Lonja. Palma

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