El Arenal, Mallorca - Map and Information

Map of El Arenal

El Arenal, Mallorca


Accommodation within 2KM from

1.1 Km 
Hotel Aya

Closest Towns and Shops

5.5 Km 
C'an Pastilla

Closest Beaches

0.3 Km 
El Arenal Beach
4.5 Km 
C'an Pastilla Beach

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El Arenal, Spain

Follow the white sandy beach that stretches from Palma City and right at the end of it you’ll find the busy resort of El Arenal (also known as S’Arenal). This is a resort that’s perfect if you want to be a beach babe by day and then let yourself go at night.

El Arenal was always a destination that young Germans headed for and it became their version of Magaluf but with a little more style. Now, however, the resort is becoming a cosmopolitan mix of nationalities such as Dutch, Spanish and British as its handy location close to Palma City combined with the ‘LA style’ beach experience gives the perfect mix for a vibrant holiday. So don’t forget to pack your party gear!


If you see photos of a Majorcan white sandy beach dotted with palm trees it’s usually El Arenal (also known as S'Arenal) – it’s simply breath-taking! One unusual feature that adds charm are the small kiosko’s that are scattered the length of the beach ensuring you never have to walk far for a refreshing beer – or the loo!
As you would expect the facilities are great...this is not a beach that disappoints! Oh and the sunsets are fantastic too!


If you can drag yourself of the beach to get your glad-rags on then Arenal has plenty to offer on the nightlife front. The resort is packed with bars just aching to give you a good time and the restaurant choice is good too. In high summer the place is packed with young people looking for fun and sleeping before dawn isn’t an option! However the resort also attracts families and so you can find bars offering all round entertainment too. Don’t forget that Palma is within easy travelling distance too so you have a wealth of choice for partying.

Who goes there:

Most definitely a young persons place but it’s less beer and chips than Magaluf, more cocktails and french fries. However plenty of families also visit as it is quieter in the early and late season.


There’s a good choice of accommodation from hotels to apartment complexes but a smaller choice of private accommodation.

What to do:

  • Explore the coast and the other 2 resorts by catching the little road train that runs between all three
  • Hire a bike and cycle the length of the beach...you can easily make it into Palma if the fancy takes you
  • Head into Palma for a day of sightseeing or just shop ‘til you drop.
  • Spend a day cooling down at the water park Aqualand El Arenal www.aqualand.es a special shuttle bus will take you there and back or catch the no. 23
  • Take a moment to sit and watch the evening sunset – it is truly spectacular!


None – see Palma fiestas.

Psst! The amazing Banzai ride at El Arenal waterpark allows you to aquaplane at up to 50km an hour! Now that’ll impress the girlfriend/wife/mother/grandma!

Use the map below to navigate and see what is in the area.

El Arenal, Mallorca,