Fiestas of Mallorca

Fiestas of Mallorca
Fiestas of Mallorca

Being a large island there are many fiestas happening across Majorca all year round. They break down into local fiestas whic usually revolve around a town or village and the main fiestas which occur across the island or indeed, Spain.

Do check with the tourist information office in your holiday resort to find out what is happening when you visit the island. Below is a list of national holidays which is important as often all the shops and businesses on the island close for the day.

1st January is the traditional New Year celebration which starts at midnight and ends with hot chocolate and churros at 6am...well it does for those up can keep up! Some restaurants open but you will have to make a reservation and be aware that the prices charged are usually on the high side.

6th January is the day of celebration (epiphany) following the visit of the 3 kings on the 5th. All businesses are closed but some restaurants will open, usually for lunch when it's traditional to have a slap up meal. Do make sur eif you want to dine out that you make a reservation.

1st March is the Day of the Balearic Islands when most shops and businesses will be closed, usually though you can find restaurants and cafe bars open.

Easter (Semana Santa) is different each year but do remember that in Spain it is the Thursday and Friday that are the holidays, not the Monday as in the UK. In most large towns the celebrations start with the traditional easter procession where the body of christ is carried from the local church following the service. Many businesses close on Thursday and Friday but restaurants are usually open - but busy!

1st May is the May Day celebration with localised events and again most businesses will close but not restaurants or bars.

15th August is Ascension Day and special services are held in churches. Businesses will be closed but not bars or restuarants which are usually busy with locals.

12th October is a National holiday celebrating the discovery of the new world. Most businesses close.

1st November is All Saints' Day is when families visit the graves of deceased relatives. Again most businesses are closed but not restaurants or bars.

6th December is the Day of the constitution and most businesses are closed apart from restaurants and bars.

8th December is The "Inmaculada" or immaculate conception is a religious holiday with special services held in churches. Although shops and supermarkets usually close, restaurants and bars, in the main, don't.

25th December is Christmas Day and is usually a quiet day spent with families. Few places are open but often the British bars have special Christmas Dinner offers. Check around before the day to see who is open.

26th December is Boxing Day and a national holiday so few places will be open for business.

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