Es Pregons Grans & Petit - See Map
South - Campos, Mallorca

We’ve put these two beaches together for ease as the smaller beach (Petit) is really a continuation of the main beach (Grans).

Both these beaches are in acompletely virgin environment and so are worth the effort to reach them if you're a nature lover. 

Formed from stunningly white sands which roll gently down to the turquoise waters these beaches would have you believing you’re holidaying in the Caribbean!

Petit is the more interest of the two as here you’ll find a number of ghostly bunkers from the Civil War that raged in Spain. They were situated here because the beach provided an ideal landing spot due to its calm waters.

Most people head for the larger beach of Es Pregons Grans because the sea tends to be clearer (Petit has under water forests of Posidonia). Both are popular with nudists and of course those with private boats who can anchor near by.

Facilities: none...enjoy being at one with nature!

Anchoring: good on both, on sandy ground close to the beach.

How to get there: By car following the signs for Ses Salines (or Colonia Sant Jordi) or Es Trenc

Access: on foot from the parking areas either at Ses Salines (Colonia Sant Jordi) or Es Trenc. From both it is about a 10 minute walk along the coast.



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Es Pregons Grans & Petit Es Pregons Grans & Petit Es Pregons Grans & Petit

Es Pregons Grans & Petit, Campos, Mallorca